Helped Sell and Buy

Matt was very focused on my wants and needs, the style and location of the home I wanted, what features and amenities I wanted, and my budget. He was also respectful of my time and quickly got a good feel for my personality and style. This helped him to narrow the focus on the most promising  prospects and make best use of our time. He is also very knowledgeable about home construction, so he was able to give me realistic input about the physical aspects of the places we visited, options for improvements and what they might cost in this market. He’s very personable, honest, responsive and flexible. He knows the area, the housing stock, and the kinds of issues that can emerge in buying and selling houses, so he’s a terrific adviser. While I’m an experienced buyer, I know he’d be very good with first time buyers, helping with the information, education and guidance that’s particularly useful for people making their first entry into buying or selling a home. It’s a pleasure to work with Matt and I recommend him very highly to others.

– Concord NH – Sold $333K, Bought $300K