Strafford NH Home

In a former career, I was in the Mortgage Financing Industry for about 15+ years, before leaving for Technology Sales back in 2007. In the 15+ years that I helped home owners, I met some good and A LOT of bad agents, so I carefully screened a few agents before giving Matt a shot. Not only did Matt  help me quickly get up to speed with some of the changes in the industry, but he also helped me with getting to know the area, as I am a transplant into NH, and not very familiar with the areas I was looking. Matt possesses a wealth of knowledge from his former years of experience in construction, and has a very positive approach to the entire process. I was greatly satisfied with the way Matt helped me with the purchase of my first NH Home. I would recommend Matt to anyone looking to buy, or sell … Highest marks!

– Bought Strafford NH Home – $300K